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Traveling in Ecuador is an adventure in itself, as this small South American country is known for its diverse landscapes, vibrant culture, and friendly people. From the Amazon rainforest to the Andes mountains, and from the colonial architecture of Quito to the wildlife-rich Galapagos Islands, Ecuador has it all. Visitors can explore indigenous markets, sample exotic foods, go trekking or mountain biking, and try their hand at surfing or snorkeling for our non-divers. With its mild climate, affordable prices, and a variety of activities to choose from, Ecuador is a great destination for both budget and luxury travelers alike.

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Home to the Galapagos Islands, Amazon rainforest & Andes mountains, this diverse country in South America has something for everyone.

South America, bordered by Colombia to the north, Peru to the east and south, and the Pacific Ocean to the west. The Galapagos Islands, which are part of Ecuador, are located about 600 miles (1,000 kilometers) off the coast.



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Spanish is the official language, but there are also many indigenous languages spoken as well. English is widely spoken in tourist areas.


UIO - Mariscal Sucre Quito International Airport in Quito
GYE - José Joaquín de Olmedo International Air in Guayaquil

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The official currency of Ecuador is the US dollar.


Ecuador has a varied climate due to its location on the equator, but the weather is generally mild and pleasant year-round. The coastal regions are typically warm and humid, while the highlands have a cooler, drier climate. The Amazon rainforest region is hot and humid, with frequent rainfall.

The Galapagos Islands, Quito (UNESCO world heritage site), Amazon rainforest, and Andes mountains.

Mainland Ecuador:
The best time to travel to Ecuador depends on the region and activities you have planned, but being on the equator results in a fairly consistent climate throughout the year!

  • The dry months in the Amazon rainforest are from May to September, but you can still enjoy this area year-round.
  • The coast of Ecuador has a hot and humid climate year-round, with temperatures peaking from December to April.

Overall, the climate is generally mild and comfortable, but you should be prepared for varying weather conditions depending on the region and time of year you plan to visit.

Galapagos Islands: 
  • The warmer season is from December to May with water temperatures around 23-25°C/75-80°F. The conditions are calmer and currents are less at this time of year. It is a great time to see hammerheads, silky, and Galapagos sharks.

  • The cooler season is from June to November with water temperatures dropping to 16-18°/60-65°F. Rougher sea conditions and strong currents make diving more challenging. The cool season is all about whale sharks which are around the islands of Darwin and Wolf at this time. You’ll still find large schools of hammerheads, occasional silkys, and Galapagos sharks.

Visibility is generally between 10 and 21 meters (30 to 70 feet) and conditions can be challenging because of the surges and currents common in the area.

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Best scuba diving in Ecuador: 

Galapagos Islands: 

The Galapagos Islands are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a popular destination for diving. The islands are home to a wide variety of marine life, including hammerhead sharks, whale sharks, sea turtles, rays, sea lions, and so much more.

Salango Island

This small island off the coast of Ecuador is a great spot for diving and snorkeling. The island is home to a variety of coral and marine life, including colorful fish, starfish, and sea urchins.

Machalilla National Park

Located on the coast of Ecuador, Machalilla National Park is home to a variety of marine life, including whales, dolphins, and sea turtles. One of the top dive sites in the park is Isla de la Plata, which is known for its schools of colorful fish and sea turtles.

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Best scuba diving in Ecuador: 

Puerto Lopez

This fishing village on the coast of Ecuador is a popular destination for scuba diving and snorkeling. The area is home to a variety of marine life, including whales, dolphins, and sea turtles.

Cape Douglas

Located on the northern coast of Ecuador, Cape Douglas is a popular spot for diving and snorkeling. The area is home to a variety of marine life, including colorful fish, sea turtles, and rays.

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What's included in an Ecuador vacation package?

  • Hand-selected accommodations that cater to your preferences and budget
  • Meals where indicated, so you never have to worry about where to eat
  • Transportation once you arrive in-country, so you can sit back and relax
  • Tours, including diving, with transportation to/from
  • Perks like upgrades, spa credits, and more, when applicable, to enhance your vacation experience
  • Local recommendations, including restaurants, that showcase the best of Ecuador's culture and cuisine
  • Packing lists with links and DTA select discounts to help make packing easier and more affordable
  • Pre-arrival guides that include do's and don'ts, and other helpful tips, so you're fully prepared for your trip.

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