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Can I book a trip with DTA even though I don't want to dive? 

Yes! Though we do specialize in dive travel, if you aren’t interested, we’ve booked plenty of trips without diving.

Can I get scuba certified on a trip?

Yes! Our experts can guide you through the certification process prior to arrival. 

Why should I book with DTA instead of doing everything myself?

If you’re satisfied with booking your trip online and hoping for the best, you don’t need us. However, if you don't want to risk your hard-earned vacation time and money, our personalized service, expert local recommendations, and carefully vetted dive centers ensure that you get the most out of your trip. Plus, you can enjoy special perks like hotel room upgrades, welcome amenities, resort credits, and VIP treatment at no extra cost. All of this, at the same price as booking directly, makes DTA the ideal travel agency for those seeking a truly memorable vacation.

Is international airfare included?

No. You will need to purchase international airfare on your own, but we can provide guidance as needed. 


Can I book a trip as a solo traveler?

Yes, but please note that pricing for single occupancy varies. 

Do I need to purchase travel insurance?

Travel insurance is highly recommended, but not required for custom trips. We do require dive and travel insurance for all liveaboards.

Do you book destinations other than the ones listed on your website?

Yes, however, a booking fee may apply. Ask your travel expert for details. 

Is scuba diving safe?

Scuba diving is generally safe when proper safety guidelines and precautions are followed. It is important to receive proper training and certification, dive with a buddy, and follow recommended safety procedures.


What are your booking terms for deposits, changes, cancellations, and refunds? 

What's included in your trips?

You will receive a detailed itinerary from our travel experts with everything included and excluded in your trip. Typically, our trips include expert travel planning, accommodations, in-country transportation, select meals, and listed tours. For further inquiries or clarifications, please contact your travel expert.

What is the best time of year to go scuba diving?

The best time of year to go scuba diving varies depending on the destination. Factors such as weather, water temperature, and marine life migration patterns can affect the diving conditions. Consult our travel experts to determine the best time to visit a specific destination.

Booking terms vary by destination. We will send you a detailed itinerary with specifics on deposits, changes, cancellations and refunds when quoting your trip.