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Belize's liveaboard diving trips offer access to some of the world's most spectacular dive sites, including the Great Blue Hole, Half Moon Caye Wall, Lighthouse Reef, and Turneffe Atoll. The Great Blue Hole, a massive underwater sinkhole, attracts divers from around the world with its deep caverns, tunnels, and unique rock formations. Turneffe Atoll, the largest and most biologically diverse atoll in the Caribbean, is home to over 500 species of fish, as well as rays, sharks, turtles, and other marine creatures. With these incredible dive sites and many more, a liveaboard diving trip to Belize is a must-visit for any diving enthusiast.

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Explore some of the world's most spectacular dive sites, including the Great Blue Hole and Turneffe Atoll, with Belize's liveaboard diving trips, home to an abundance of marine life and unique underwater formations.

Diving conditions

BZE, Philip S.W. Goldson International Airport

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Water temperature averages 82°F in summer and 78°F in winter for diving. Wear a 1-3mm wetsuit or shorty for protection year-round. All diving is from the mother ship.

Average of up to 27 dives on 7-night charters, 42 on 10-night charters (multiple day dives and several night dives).

belize liveaboard Sample Itinerary

  • Day 1 - Meet at the pickup hotel and transfer to Belize City for departure to Turneffe Atoll.
  • Days 2-3 - Arrive at Turneffe Atoll and begin your diving exploration.
  • Days 4-9 - Eat, sleep, dive- repeat! Explore the different dive sites in the area, including Elbow, Black Beauty, and The Elbow.
  • Day 10 - Return to Belize City for the journey back.
  • Day 11 - Check out and transfer to Philip S.W. Goldson International Airport or on to your next destination.

Note: Please keep in mind that this is just a sample itinerary and that actual itineraries may vary depending on the specific tour operator, weather conditions, and other factors. Two itinerary options are available including Glovers Reef.


Belize Aggressor III
  • Length: 110 ft
  • Beam: 22 ft
  • Passengers: 18
  • Staterooms: 9
Belize Aggressor IV
  • Length: 138 ft
  • Beam: 26 ft
  • Passengers: 20
  • Staterooms: 10

When to travel on a belize liveaboard

The diving season in Belize is generally considered to be year-round, but there are some seasonal variations in conditions and wildlife sightings.

The dry season in Belize runs from late November to mid-April, and this is typically considered the best time for diving. During this time, the water is clear and calm, and the visibility is excellent. The dry season is also when many of the larger marine animals, such as whale sharks, are most commonly seen.

The wet season in Belize runs from mid-April to mid-November, and during this time, there is more rain and higher humidity. While diving is still possible during the wet season, the visibility can be reduced due to the runoff from the rivers, and there may be more surface chop and currents. However, the wet season can be a great time to see smaller marine life, such as seahorses and nudibranchs, which thrive in the nutrient-rich waters.

Best scuba diving on a Belize liveaboard: 

Angel fish wall

Named for friendly grey angel fish, with eagle rays and occasional sharks cruising the wall.


A sheer drop-off with abundant fish life, including baffle sponges, sea fans, and gorgonians. Comical spotted truck fish, reef sharks, groupers, horse-eyed jacks, and turtles are often seen.

black beauty

Known for turtle and eagle ray sightings, with long coral mounds and sandy bottom channels. The wall begins at 50 feet.

great blue hole

A collapsed freshwater cave system featuring vertical stalactite formations, shallow reefs, and juvenile sea life such as parrot fish, squid, scallops, and angel fish.

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Best scuba diving on a Belize liveaboard: 


Colorful formations resembling cathedral steeples, home to black groupers, jacks, angel fish, scorpion fish, eels, and silver sides.

Eagle Ray Wall:

Known for arrow blennies and decorator crabs.


An advanced dive with strong currents, featuring large pelagics such as eagle rays and reef and hammerhead sharks.

Elk horn forest

Shallow coral mounds with rare elkhorn corals and juvenile fishes of many species.

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Best scuba diving on a Belize liveaboard: 

grand bogue

Home to elusive toadfishes.

half moon caye wall

Marked by tunnels and grooves, with different species of grouper and snapper. Eagle rays, sharks, and turtles can be spotted off the wall.

long caye wall

Named for a protruding ridge of reefs with numerous swim throughs and interesting soft corals, sponges, and eels.

painted wall

Clusters of painted tunicates between 40-70 feet, with shallow walls inhabited by parrot fish, black durgeon, queen trigger fish, and more. Overhung with black coral trees and rope sponges covered with light-bulb tunicates.

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Best scuba diving on a Belize liveaboard: 

silver caves

que brada

Extremely sheer and active stretch of wall with green moray eels, spotted drum, lobster, crabs, and tarpon seen on night dives.

tarpon caves

Tall reef buttress honeycombed with caves and cuts, covered with huge yellow tube sponges, black coral trees, and monster barrel sponges. Rich in garden eels, midnight parrot fish, razor fish, and southern stingrays, with tarpon and grouper hiding in tunnels and chimneys.

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Large swim through frequently inhabited by silver sides, with big black groupers, horse-eyed jacks, yellow tailed snappers, and Creole wrasses.

Best scuba diving on a Belize liveaboard: 

Baking Swash Reef

split reeFs

A 40-foot deep reef with rare and healthy coral specimens, including soft corals and gorgonians, and a variety of small fish.

shark Point

A remote dive site with a rare spawning aggregation site for groupers and several species of sharks.

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A beautiful narrow cut through the atoll with thriving shallow coral reefs.

grouper flats

A home to several species of grouper, with rare, mature elkhorn coral and huge colonies of lettuce coral.

Best scuba diving on a Belize liveaboard: 

southwest caye wall

emerald forest reef

Named for the huge elkhorn coral colony dominating the shallow reef crest, with many marine species nearby.

16th & 17th Century Shipwrecks Off Glover's Reef Atoll 

Glover’s Reef Atoll is home to several shipwrecks from the 16th and 17th centuries.

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A dramatic drop-off with boulder coral, wire coral, and spectacular sponges.

long caye wall

A beautiful dive site with dense coral growth, garden eels, rays, and many other marine species.

What's included in an Belize liveaboard?

Included: VAT, Airport Transfer, Alcoholic Beverages, Drinking Water, Soft drinks, Tea & Coffee, Wine with Dinner, Full-Board Meal Plan (All meals), Snacks, Diving Package, Cabin Towels, Complimentary Toiletries, Deck Towels.

Required Extras: Fuel Surcharge ($150-$215 USD per trip), Port Fees ($110-$185 USD per trip).

Optional Extras: Dive Insurance, Travel Insurance, Gratuities, Hotel Transfer, Extra Dives, Nitrox, Nitrox Course, Rental Gear, Scuba Diving Courses, Snorkel Gear.

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NOT INCLUDED: International Airfare, Travel + Dive Insurance

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